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Chris and Alison
Wed 6 Jul 2022 19:06
01/07/22 Datca  

Weather: Hot 32’c, Sea temp 24.4’c. Light NW wind in the morning then 10-21kts in the afternoon.

Visited the ancient site of Burgaz Palaia Nidos where the population of Knidos were moved to from the cape further west. Very much excavation in progress and only a few rocks to be seen. Good information boards to tell you what you are supposed to be seeing though.

Did some shopping and went back to the boat to do some jobs while the predicted strong winds came in. In the end the winds were not as strong as expected during the afternoon but came in in the evening. 

Some evening entertainment was had watching a sort of “its a knock out” competition on the harbour side with tug of war games, swimming competitions and the greasy pole competition where they had to get the Turkish flag from the top of a greasy pole without slipping into the harbour. Needless to say no body managed it to start with but as the grease came off, in the end someone got the flag. The next morning, when we took the dinghy ashore, we got green grease all over our white dinghy:(


Datca town on a Saturday morning

02/07/22 Datca  

Weather: Hot 32’c, sea temp 25’c. Light NW wind in the morning then filled in again in the afternoon gusting 25kts. 

Visited the Saturday market. Being a Turkish town, not a tourist in site, it was a lovely market with lots of fresh produce, dried spices, nuts, fruit, hand made wood work, lots of clothes and none of the pushy, in your face sales pressure. We had a good hour looking around and buying fresh and dried produce. 

Datca Market.