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Chris and Alison
Mon 15 May 2023 19:05
We had a lovely sail to Zea Marina, just to the south of Piraeus, in a F2-4 NE breeze. Chris expertly put Muskie stern to the marina jetty between two large yachts and this was our berth for the next 4 days. After the quiet Islands it was a bit of a shock to be in the centre of a large busy city, but we had a lot on our agenda for the next 4 days so the noise would have to be tolerated. At least one good thing about being in the city was that there was fresh water from the taps, so it was a good opportunity to wash every bit of clothing we had worn to get the salt out of it. We found a self service laundry and used two small machines to wash all our clothes then put it out on the line on Muskie to dry. Job done.

We purchased a 5 day travel ticket (€8.50) each that included the bus, tram and train and a combined sightseeing ticket (€30) each for all the main sites that included the Acropolis, Ancient Agora, Hadrians Library, Kerameikos, Aristotle’s School (Lykeion), Olypieion and the Roman Agora. Over the 4 days we walked a long way but also made good use of our travel tickets and managed to see everything on the list using the Underground metro and the tram. We were very glad of the cooler weather and visiting in May meant that the sites were probably not as busy as they will be in the middle of the summer. We decided that it would have been unbearable in the heat of the summer with the crowds. Unfortunately though, the Greek school children all get taken out for their school trips in the month of May, so what we made up for in the lack of tourists we got in the form of lots of excited children having days out of school!


Agamemnon gold death mask

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