Dinner at Mojitos in Cumberland Bay, St Vincent

Imagine Of Falmouth Online Log
Jon Constantine
Fri 12 Jun 2009 16:00
Fri 12th June 2009

We left at 9am, a little later than planned, for the sail to St Vincent with Nunki leaving not long after us.  Carl & Gertrude were originally going to give St Vincent a miss as they'd heard of it's bad reputation but they changed their minds when we told them about our previous visit to Cumberland Bay with the Blue Sky boys.  We were having a pretty uneventful sail when suddenly in the late afternoon we spotted dolphins, lots of them.   We weren't really going fast enough to have much of a bow wave for them to play in but that didn't seem to worry them.  They seemed to have just as much fun keeping ahead of the boat.  I took a load of pics but they aren't the best.  They were too quick for me and it didn't help that the day had turned very grey and squally which made it very difficult to see them very clearly in the water.  Here are 2 that were vaguely any good!


The weather deteriorated as we got closer to St Vincent and we could see a massive squall coming up behind us.  Nunki who was some distance behind us completely disappeared.  It missed us though and all the rain seemed to fall on land as we sailed along the coast in the dry.

We were met by Joseph the Rasta on arrival and as before, he took our stern anchor to the shallows once we'd reversed towards the bay while dropping our main anchor.  There's not a breath of wind and the water is like a mill pond.  We had a quick snorkel to cool down as it's very hot and muggy.  It's still not raining but it's definitely coming although Joseph reckons it never rains here. Yeah, right!  We had the usual visits from the boat boys and soon had a good stock of fruit on-board.  Nunki arrived about an hour later at around 6pm and once they'd anchored and settled next to us the heavens opened.  It had to come eventually.  We waited for a short break in the downpour and dinghied the very short distance to shore, with Carl & Gertrude hot on our heals, for cocktails at the newly opened Mojitos.  We were the only ones there and after having a great Mojito (Caribbean style as it had a secret ingredient added!) we decided to stay for dinner.  And what a meal.  Excellent service and amazing food.  It was a little more than you'd expect to pay in a tiny back water like this but the food was top class and I would highly recommend it to any cruisers who feel like splashing out a bit.  A real treat.  Even the chef came out to say hello.  It turned out that he's a top chef on one of the cruise ships.