Arenal (Mallorca) to Cala'n Porter (Menorca)

Imagine Of Falmouth Online Log
Jon Constantine
Sat 24 Sep 2005 12:00
September 2005

After eight months in Arenal (Palma), Mallorca it is now time to move on.  The marina fees here are very high at over 600 euros per month and no discount for long term stays.  There is such a shortage of berth in Mallorca that the marinas just don't need to offer discounts.

We have decided to move to Fertila in the north west corner of Sardinia. My brother David is already there and has arranged a berth for us. The price is much cheaper but we know not to expect the good facilities we have enjoyed in Palma.

Vanessa a friend from Sussex Yacht Club will be joining us as crew for the trip.

24 September.

Arrived Palma Airport and started to get Imagine ready for the first long sail we had taken her for.  Filled up with fuel and water and did the shopping.

25 September.

Departed the marina at 12.30 hrs and sailed round the bottom of Mallorca and into Porto Petro.  Arrived at 17.00 hrs
Weather looking a bit "iffy" and at 22.30 hrs we had thunder and lightening.  The plan is to head across to Menorca but we will have to see what the weather brings tomorrow.

26 September.

Up at 06.00 to find it grey, overcast and raining. Went back to bed with an amended plan to sail round to Porto Cristo which is the closest point on Mallorca to Menorca and thus make the shortest hop. Had a quick swim followed by breakfast and by then the weather had cleared so we set off at 13.00 hrs. Arrived at 16.30. Dropped anchor outside the marina and had dinner on board.

27 September.

Upped anchor and left at 08.00 hrs. Had a heavy rain squall just after we left but it cleared up quickly and the sun came out. Wind died away in the afternoon so put the donk on at 15.20 and motored to Cala'n Porter (Mallorca).  I know it very well having spent many holidays there a few years back when Tom was growing up.  A perfect sheltered bay with good protection from any wind except a south westerly.

Cala'n Porter Bay  Cala'n Porter Bay 2 

Inflated the dinghy and rowed ashore for a beer in the beach bar and then on up into town for dinner at El Pulpo.

Cala'n Porter is so English that most of the waiters seem to have forgotten how to speak Spanish. Went to the bar across the road and watched a fairly ropey tribute band (Kool in the Gang).  Not so cool!  Walker back down the hill to the beach laughing hysterically at the sign on the electricity sub station showing a person being electrocuted.  Must have been the cocktails we drank.