St Vincent to Bequia (Admiralty Bay)

Imagine Of Falmouth Online Log
Jon Constantine
Mon 16 Jun 2008 13:01
Mon 16th June 08 to Mon 23rd June 08

It's only 17nm to our next destination, Admiralty Bay in Bequia, so we had a little lie in before setting off at just after 9am.  There was no wind to start with but it wasn't long before we had 20 knots with gusts up to 29 knots.  Put one reef in the main for comfort and powered along at just over 7 knots at times.  Good brisk sail.  The weather is definitely on the turn.  Saw a very large school of dolphins in the distance but they were definitley on a mission and didn't come closer.  On entering the bay we motored around for quite a while having a look for a good space before finally dropping the anchor at about 1pm.  Pretty blowy in here but the anchor is well bedded in so we're happy.  We then jumped into the dinghy to go ashore for the usual customs and immigration paperwork. Very nice office!  After a quick and painless check in we went off to explore the town.  Came across a great fruit and veg market and then went for a nice cold beer in the Tommy Cantina before heading back to the boat. 

Spent a relaxing evening watching the sun go down with a GnT followed by a good ole spag bol for dinner.  Another day another bay........

                Local taxi rank and dinghy dock                                                    Sunset looking out to sea from Admiralty Bay

It's Tuesday now and we're getting a bit low on water.  We read in the pilot book that Daffodil Yacht Services will send a boat out to you to fill up.  We tried it.  Very convenient but also pretty expensive at EC$1 a gallon.  We took on 100 Gallons!  We were short by EC$5 but the waterman was more than happy to accept a beer instead.  Lucky!  Next job is to see whether we can get wifi.  No free networks out here so we went ashore to hunt down a free one in a cafe or bar.  Nothing.  Oh well.  Bit the bullet and bought a one hour voucher for EC$5 to try on the boat.  After  further wandering we decided to stop for refreshments at the Salty Dog Bar.  Had a couple of beers while watching one of the Euro 2008 matches - Holland vs Romania.  Not heard much about the footie while we've been here so no idea where England is.  (Found out later that they were knocked out very early on).  Back on board later for sundowners and dinner we've found that the wind has definitely picked up and the sea has become a bit choppy.

Wednesday proved to be another windy but hot day.  Managed to pick up a free wifi connection onboard so caught up on emails and checked the weather forecast.  There's a Tropical Wave about 1km east of the winward islands (that includes Bequia) and on it's way hence the strong winds we are experiencing at the moment.  It looks like it'll worsen by the weekend so we've decided to re-anchor closer to the shore to get more shelter.  Lost the free wifi but at least we're not rolling around so much.  We've put out the fortress anchor too just to be on the safeside.  I went for snorkel and came across a Flying Gernard in about 4 metres of water.  Beautiful.  Will go out with my camera next time as quite a lot of ish out there.  Earlier, we saw a British registered boat, s/y Delphine, nearby and Jon dinghied over to say hi and invite them over for drinks.  They duly arrived fully armed with a jug of Painkiller and loads of ice.  My kind of people.  Tom is a Brit and Michelle from Oz (family originally from Malta - small world) and we spent a fun evening chatting and boozing.

Rained heavily Thursday morning.  Used our 1 hour internet voucher to check the weather and collect emails.  Strong winds expected on Friday.  Nipped ashore to change some money and buy some food and then went over to the Gingerbread Bar for lunch. Food was pretty good and excellent value for money.  Lovely setting in the shade of the trees with a gentle sea breeze blowing through.There was a little more rain in the evening but it didn't last.  Ate aboard.  The wind also picked up a bit but calmed down a bit by the time we went to bed.

It's now Friday and not getting the winds that were forecast.  The bay has emptied out big time which is a surprise as it's Carnival this weekend and would expect it to be busy.  Caught up with Tom and Michelle ashore and went for a walk to the otherside of the island to Hope Bay.   Stunning views on the walk over the top of the island and a beautiful deserted beach at the end of it.  Jon managed to crack open a coconut and we ate it along with some choccie that Michelle had brought with her.  It wasn't long before the heavens opened again so we legged it to an old ruin just back from the beach for shelter.  When the rain subsided after only a few minutes we headed back to town and polished off a couple of beers before heading back to our respective boats.  Later that evening we went over to Delphine for sundowners and homemade ravioli.  Another fun evening....

       Top of the World - are we having fun yet!!!!                                            Tom & Michelle from s/y Delphine with Sam on Hope Bay beach

Saturday and the wind has definitely picked up and now gusting 25 knots.  Still very hot and sunny though.  Went for a long snorkel and took lots of photos but didn't come across the Flying Gernard again.

             Christmas Tree Fanworms on a Brain Coral                                                                    Goldspotted Eel

                                                                                           Smooth Trunfish

                              Yellow Tube Sponge                                                                                  Cushion Sea Star

Today, Sunday we decided to treat ourselves to lunch at Da Reef.  Pretty good food and great venue on the beach.  Weather seems to have improved again.  The bad weather that was forecast still hasn't made it here yet.  Michelle and Tom turned up later so we stayed for a couple of beers with them before heading back to the boat.  Dinghied ashore at around 9pm to check out the Carnival.  Went to the Columbus Bar and had a few beers.  Very busy and good fun.  The live band was great and the barman/manager was very entertaining.  Gave us a couple of free beers.  The bar emptied around 11.30 but we couldn't work out where everyone had gone.  We went over to the football stadium but it was still pretty empty.  If anything was going to happen it wasn't going to be until much later so we gave up and went back to the boat.  We may leave tomorrow so didn't want a really late one anyway.