Bequia to St Vincent (Cumberland Bay) - Gin & Tonic party

Imagine Of Falmouth Online Log
Jon Constantine
Fri 12 Dec 2008 14:15
Fri 12th Dec 08

Not such an early start this morning for the short trip across to St Vincent.  It's only around 15 miles away.  Having successfully retrieved both anchors we motored out of the bay at 11am and hoisted the main and headsail.  No head-to-wind for us today - instead a lovely beam reach for a change, at least for a couple of hours.  No white horses today either just big well spaced rollers. We've got 15 to 20 knots of wind which is powering us along at between 5 and 7 knots touching 8 at one point.  This is great.  We took turns helming all of the way as we were having so much fun.  We finally had to put the engine on when we got into the lea of St Vincent as the wind dropped completely, but it was great while it lasted.

                                                                                  The coast line on the SW of the island

We motored past Wallilabou, the anchorage we stayed in last year, and arrive into Cumberland Bay just after 2pm, where we'd agreed to meet up with Blue Sky.  A couple of boat boys came to meet us and helped us anchor right next to them.  We had to go in stern-to to the beach lowering the forward anchor and then passed the stern anchor to the boat boys who ferried it closer to shore and dropped it into the shallows.  The bay is so sheltered that the boats barely move.  Not a breath of wind here at the moment.  So quiet and unspoilt.  We've heard so many bad things about certain bays in St Vincent regarding attacks on yachts etc. but this bay is one of the exceptions.  It feels so safe and the locals are very friendly.  They are really concerned about the island's reputation and seem to be doing everything they can to keep us yachties safe.  I'm so glad we gave this bay the benefit of the doubt.  Although the locals are very poor they don't try to rip you off either when they come to visit you selling their produce.  The haggling is done in good humour with both parties seeming pleased with the final outcome. Very refreshing.

                        Wallilabou, last season's anchorage                                                             Blue Sky sitting pretty in Cumberland Bay

Once settled and provisioned with some of the local wares, we went for a quick snorkel.  The waters are very strange here.  The water feels warm with the odd cold patch and when you look under water there's what looks like a heat haze making your vision blurred.  Once you duck down a couple of feet the water is crystal clear.  Never seen that before.  Once back on-board the boat a customs boat came to visit us and Blue Sky to check our clearance papers.  We'd cleared out in Bequia and had raised the yellow flag as we planned only to stay the one night and not to go ashore.  They were fine with this.  The Blue Sky boys then came over for GnTs and snacks aboard Imagine.  Another evening of alcoholic indulgence although we didn't have quite as late a night as our previous session!  I think they left around 8pm.  This is becoming a habit when we get together with these guys!!!! 

We have an early start tomorrow for the 50 odd miles to St Lucia, so early to bed.