Bequia to Canouan (Charlestown Bay)

Imagine Of Falmouth Online Log
Jon Constantine
Mon 23 Jun 2008 16:01
Up a little late this morning.  Checked out the weather forecast and it's now showing the bad weather as hitting mid week.  This is getting crazy.  We could end up staying here for weeks so we've decided to go for it.  Most other boats seem to have already gone. We hauled anchor after breakfast and set off for Canouan 20nm away, with 2 reefs in the main and in the headsail.  Very blustery with a choppy sea that later turned into quite big rollers!  Caught up with s/y Delphine who had left about an hour before us but were quite slow due to towing a large wooden dinghy. Took photos of each others boats before saying cheerio on the VHF.  They said they were heading straight to Carriacou whereas we've decided to go on to Canouan and possibly Union Island or Mayreau first.

 s/y Delphine well reefed down                                                  Michelle and Tom

Not the nicest sail we've ever had but not too bad.  At least the sun stayed out.  We had the rod out but no bites but again lots of flying fish around just to tease us!  We finally dropped anchor at around 4pm in Charlestown Bay and kept our fingers crossed that Delphine were ok as they were slower than us but were going further (as it was, when we later caught up in Grenada they told us that they did make an extra stop).  Very little shelter here.  I was getting ready to jump over the side to check the anchor when I felt the beinnings of a migraine.  Well, that was the end of me for a couple of hours.  Took a chance that the anchor was in and would hold. 

Charlestown Bay, pretty but not very sheltered

We had an extrememly bad night of it.  Very windy and rolly with plenty of thunder and lightening right through.  Hardly slept at all and with a bad headache on top of that.  We both laid awake and watched it get light at around 5am.  The anchor held well and we certainly didn't drag as we had expected to but we were very happy to move on in one piece.