19 Nov - Day 3 Position at 15.37 hrs 25:24.21N 015:28.86W

Imagine Of Falmouth Online Log
Jon Constantine
Mon 19 Nov 2007 16:01
Last night the wind died away as the sun set so at 17.00 hrs we had to put the engine back on.

We needed to conserve fuel so we kept the revs low and headed south at about 4 kts all night.

The African coast was visible to port as we were only about 12 miles off.

06.00 hrs this morning the wind came back and we were able to turn the engine off and sail again.Unfortunately the wind is still from the S-E and quite light 7/8 kts max.  Our progress has therefore been slow and not always in the right direction.

According to the forecast, the trade winds won't really kick in until Wednesday so we will just have to keep making the best course we can.

15.00 hrs. Tacked onto 280 deg and now sailing close hauled towards Antigua at 5.6 kts. Hooray! Hopefully we can keep this course through the night while we wait for the north easterlies to appear.

Thanks Lizette for your 2 text messages on the Iridium phone. (We are limiting the beer to one each per day).

Next update tomorrow afternoon.

Stay tuned.


Jon on the radio