Iles des Saintes

Imagine Of Falmouth Online Log
Jon Constantine
Wed 20 May 2009 12:30
Tues 19th May 09 to Tues 25th May 09

And so for the big hop down to The Saintes.  We toyed with the idea of over-nighting in Montserrat but the wind angle wasn't right to get there easily so we've decided to keep on going.  We also don't fancy Deshaies in Guadeloupe after our last experience.  We had to motorsail on and off for most of the way as the winds would not settle down; either not enough or bang on the nose.  Now that it's almost summer the north easterlies that we've been used to have now switched to south easterlies which is not ideal for heading in a south easterly direction!  We had a brief visit from a couple of large dolphins before dark but they didn't hang around for a photo shoot.  Later spotted a large squall in the distance heading straight for us but amazingly we managed to move out of its path.  Very unusual really as they tend to get you no matter how much you try to avoid them!!  It was a very hot and sticky day so we took a refreshing cockpit shower followed by pasta for supper before settling down for the night sail and our watches. 

                                                                                                Interesting cloud formations

                                                                              Jon catching some rays on the foredeck

We arrived in Anse du Bourg on the main island of Terre de Haut at 13.30 logging 121 miles in 27 and a half hours.  No rolling this time.  We've done a lot of the sight seeing here after numerous visits so we plan to go a little further afield this time.  We eventually cleared customs having gone to the office 3 days in a row finding it closed on the first 2.  They were none to pleased with us when we did finally catch up with them as it was 10 minutes to 12 and they really don't like being late for their lunch!  Every time we've come to the Saintes the customs guys have been very surly to the point of being down right rude.  Give me Nevis any day!

                                          Anse du Bourg                                                                    Plane coming into land over the roof tops of Anse du Bourg
We've decided to visit Terre de Bas, the quieter island opposite Terre de Haut, just a few miles way.  We dropped our hook in a lovely little anchorage called Anse Fideling but after a refreshing swim followed by lunch we decided not to stay.  There was quite a swell coming in which made it a bit too rolly for our liking so we headed back and dropped anchor in our old favourite, Anse á Cointe.  Lovely here but we seem to have a bit of a swell coming in here too.  It's always been so calm here before.  We put up with it for a couple of days before heading back to the much calmer Anse du Bourg.

                                                                         Sun Panel & KISS wind gen working well in Anse á Cointe

This actually fitted in with our plans nicely as we want to go over to the north east of the island to Baie de Pompierre.  You can't anchor there as it's a reserve surrounded by reef but it's only a short walk from the town.  Well worth a visit. We had a very pleasant stroll through lovely English-like countryside, even down to the cows although I don't think we have iguanas in English fields! 

                                A field of cows, goats and......                                                                                      ....iguanas!

Having stopped for a cooling beer on the way we continued on and soon came to the entrance.  No charge here and more iguanas!  We cut through a shady area of palm trees and picnic tables and out onto a beautiful crescent shaped beach looking out into what almost appears to be a lagoon.  There's only a small gap that leads out to the open sea.  We enjoyed a good few hours here swimming and beach combing. 

                                                                                                   Baie de Pompierre                                                                                    

The cutest, friendliest little cat came to join us.  We'd already eaten our lunch but he was well grateful for the maskful of freshwater.  It rained a little in the afternoon as we were leaving but not enough for a soaking although it would have been quite nice as it's still very hot.

                                                                                               Can we keep him - purrlease!

                                                                                                      Hoby cat race

Another fabulous visit the The Saintes is now over.  We're going to stay in the French islands for a little longer though.  We fancy taking a look at Gosier in Guadeloupe and also Marie Galante, before continuing on our way down the island chain.