Depart Cala'n Porter (Menorca)

Imagine Of Falmouth Online Log
Jon Constantine
Wed 28 Sep 2005 12:00
28th September 2005.

Sam and Ness took the dinghy into the beach and seemed to find a few admirers as they rowed ashore.  I stayed on board to do a few jobs before we left.

They were gone ages and when they finally returned, the excuse was they had boarded the little train that runs round Cala'n Porter on the wrong side of the street and hence got taken all the way round the town and out to the Caves before finally returning to the beach. Likely story.  Shopping more like, but there was no obvious evidence so I had to accept their story.

Looking at this pic I think I might be right?

Sam and Ness in Cala'n Porter     

Cala'n Porter Bay seen from the boat

Departed at 13.25 to sail round to Mahon harbour for a night before making the big break to Sardinia but on the way we picked up a forecast for Force 7 later around Menorca so we decided to run for Sardinia rather than getting locked into Mahon for a few days. (Although there are many worse places to get land locked I'm sure).