Christmas Day in Nelson's Dockyard, English Harbour

Imagine Of Falmouth Online Log
Jon Constantine
Thu 25 Dec 2008 12:00

This Christmas has to be up there as one of the best ever, along with the BVI last year and Lanzarote the year before!!!  What a fabulous day. 

No hangovers this morning from last night - phew!  We woke up to a lovely sunny morning, albeit a blowy one, on Imagine in this picturesque anchorage.  We swapped pressies and then sat down to a yummy breakfast of scrambled eggs and smoked salmon.  We held off on the bubbly as, if last night was anything to go by, today was going to be a very long drinking day!! 

The festivities were due to begin ashore at around 12 noon so we decided to to take the dinghy to Galleon Beach first and have a quick swim. What a way to spend Christmas morning!  Once back on board we could hear the music cranking up ashore so we quickly got our bits and pieces for our dinner together before heading off to find the others.  Just before we left we heard Maltese Falcon on the radio and when we looked out of the bay we spotted them leaving.  Apparently they were cruising nicely at 16.5 knots without all the sails up!

View of Galleon Beach and Shirley Heights way up on the hilltop                                               Maltese Falcon leaving Falmouth Harbour

The other boats had organised a traditional turkey dinner for 12 people and as we were late comers and everything was already organised, we were invited to join them but we agreed to bring our own food.  We had all the ingredients with us to have avocado and prawns for starters followed by steak, salad and a jacket potato for the main (we bought a disposable BBQ to do the steaks and potato on).  Not very traditional but the easiest meal we could think of to do ashore.  As it was, one of the boats dropped out of the meal so at the very last minute, we were invited to join the others for the turkey dinner too.  It was such a great gesture from a crowd of people that we really don't know that well.  We couldn't thank them all enough. 

Jon & Jake taking the weight off their feet                                                                                Linda & Carol doing the same...

   "Are you sure you can't grow a beard like this, Tim?"                                     Cricket anyone?  No?  OK.  It's the West Indies vs Tim then.

  Yes - it's a dress!                                                                                                No Wendy, that canon will not fit on Keesje II

  The first Turkey arrives on land............                                                  ..and straight to the table, with stuffing (or is it the turkey & stuffing race)              

And what a great day and evening it turned out to be.  The atmosphere was buzzing and the bubbly was flowing.  A live band played all afternoon and the meal was fabulous.  Keesje II, Off Line, Matsu, Magic and Allergic to Cities had done a fantastic job of coordinating this huge meal.  No mean feat even under normal circumstances let alone from the boats. 
A big thank you to them from us.   What a day......

                                                                                         Cheers and Happy Christmas!