Grenada - St George's to Prickly Bay

Imagine Of Falmouth Online Log
Jon Constantine
Fri 4 Jul 2008 12:00
Fri 4th July 08

We left St George's mid morning after listening to the net.  There was a report of piracy off Isla Margarita (Venezuela) and advice to avoid the area.  We've also been alerted of Tropical Storm Bertha moving northwards from the Cape Verdes.  Looks likely to miss us which is good but we will be keeping a close eye.  The weather forecast was for very light winds so we just put the headsail up to travel the 12 n. miles to Prickly Bay.  It was a bit of a shock rounding the headland to be hit with huge rollers and 20 knot plus winds!!  Totally unprepared for that.  At least the wind was just forward of the beam. 

When we finally tacked into Prickly Bay it was a huge relief to find calm waters and light winds albeit a tad rolly.  After 3 attempts at anchoring in various spots we finally settled close to shore in front of Prickly Bay Marina in 6metres of water.  The water is very murky so couldn't snorkel down to check the anchor but we were happy that it was well dug in. 

 Spice Island Marine side of Prickly Bay

Went ashore later that evening for Happy Hour at the Tikki Bar and then walked to Choos Light for dinner -  a chinese restaurant recommended in our pilot book.  Fabulous meal, very friendly atmosphere and great value at only EC$100 for the 2 of us which included a bottle of wine and the tip!  That's about £20 when converted as it's just over 5EC$ to the £ at the moment.  Back at the Tikki Bar later we found a live band was in full swing so we stayed for a while and ended up having a pool competition with a couple from another boat.  We never did get their names or the boat name but he was from Colorado and she was Dutch!