Arrival Sopers Hole Tortola BVI 19th December 2007

Imagine Of Falmouth Online Log
Jon Constantine
Thu 20 Dec 2007 16:50
19th December. 

By about 11.00 hrs, we could see the first of the Virgin Islands appearing over the horizon with just 45 miles left to go.

Land ho!

By 16.30 we had made our way between the islands and turned into Sopers Hole where Robin Pinfold had a mooring for us.  We found it quite easily and were delighted to find that he had tied a plastic container to the buoy which would you believe it - contained 2 cold beers.  What a star!

Final approach into Sopers Between Frenchmans Cay and Little Thatch.

Sopers Hole - Ariel View - we are just to the right of the Customs Dock by the anchor.

Knowing that Customs and Immigration closed at 18.00 hrs, we drank the beer, pumped up the dinghy and I went ashore to complete the formalaties.

Contrary to what we had been told, the paperwork was done quickly and I was back on board just before sunset and ready for a G & T.

Sam took this stunning picture of the sun setting behind Little Thatch, a small island protecting the entrance to Sopers Hole.

We ate the remains of the spag bol from yesterday and both of us then promptly fell asleep in the cockpit. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz