Canouan to Union Island (Clifton)

Imagine Of Falmouth Online Log
Jon Constantine
Tue 24 Jun 2008 11:41
Tues 24th June 08 to Weds 25th June 08

It was a bit of a struggle to get up and moving this morning (Tuesday) due to having so little sleep the night before which meant we didn't get going until just before 9am.  Well it's only 12 nm to our next stop, Union Island so it's not that much of an issue leaving a little later than usual.  Another brisk sail this morning but quite slow as we only put the headsail up due to the short distance.  As yesterday, we had gusty winds and choppy seas turning into large rollers later.  Ever hopeful, we put the rod out again.  Got a bit concerned with the swooping seagulls.  Didn't want a repeat of La Graciosa, Lanzarote where I caught  2 of them (don't worry, they did survive).  Well our luck was finally in.  We hooked a fish and not a seagull; quite a nice sized Yellowtail Snapper as it goes.  Perfect size for dinner for 2.  Once aboard we fed it that nasty Rhum Agricole that we bought in the Saintes.  Knocked the fish out a treat.  Not sure whether you'll pick it out in the photo but the eyes were clear until the rum was poured down it's throat and then they went very red!

Dinner at last!!!!                                                                                 Clifton anchorage on the other side of the reef.

Once the fish was safely aboard and stowed away we had to concentrate on the tricky passage into Clifton. Lots of shoals and reefs all around and the strong winds didn't make it any easier.  Once we'd made it around the reef into the entrance we slowly made our way into the bay looking for a place to drop anchor.  Not much room and we were a bit concerned that the anchor may not hold in these strong winds so decided to take a mooring ball.  Went ashore (no customs as part of the St Vincent Grenadines and checked into Bequia) but almost everything was closed due to being a public holiday today. Cricket also on -  Australia vs West Indies.  Manged to get a few veggies and then a beer in a very empty Lambis before heading back to the boat.  Fresh fish with salad for dinner - fabulous!  Still very windy with the odd shower but reasonably protected here.  We both had a much better nights sleep!

Imagine on the mooring buoy                                                    Blowing a hooley ashore

Wednesday - After breakfast we went ashore to get clearance for tomorrow as we are leaving the St Vincent Grenadines.  We wanted to spend some time in the Tobago Cays but the sea is too rough with no shelter so we'll leave that visit until next season and make our way directly to Carriacou.  After a final wander around the town we ended up in the Bourganvillea Aquarium Bar for a beer. Apt name as it is surrounded by bourganvillias and there is an aquarium inside with barracuda and an octopus plus a large pool outside holding a couple of nurse sharks.  Met a nice Britsh couple called Patty and Paul on a sunsail yacht and spent the rest of the day with them.  They later invited us over for dinner.  Parted company at around 10pm as still pretty tired.  Still very windy.