Bananas at last

Imagine Of Falmouth Online Log
Jon Constantine
Mon 10 Dec 2007 20:49
Hi Folks,

Phil here.  Jon and Sam have gone off to the Blue Water Rally Rum Punch Beach Party and have left me behind to take care of the boat.

Bloody cheek!  You might think that Jon wrote most of that blog nonsense but in fact most of the funny bits I wrote and Jon just nicked them from me.

Anyway, I finally got my bananas and I'm going to have my own party on the boat tonight.  I've spotted a couple of real jive monkeys hanging out by the "Date Bar" and I've invited them over for a bit of monkey business later. I think I impressed them with my very British accent. 

Pleeeeze don't let on to Jon and Sam what I've told you - you know what the skips like.  Real 'ol misery guts.  If he hadn't thawted my attempted mutiny, I'd be in Honduras by now. Ah well, there's still time .............

Mine, all mine ......