The BVI Spring Regatta on 'Hotel California Too'

Imagine Of Falmouth Online Log
Jon Constantine
Thu 2 Apr 2009 23:00
Fri 3rd Apr 09 to Sun 5th Apr 09

Now it's time for some serious sailing.  It's the Spring Regatta and we're crewing for Steve on Hotel California Too, a Santa Cruz 70.  Three days of racing took look forward to, not forgetting the frozen Margaritas at the end of each day!  It's a big regatta and a lot of boats take part.  The winds were much lighter than last year and Steve didn't expect us to do too well in our group because of this.  Here are the photos, courtesy of Fay - cheers hon.




As it was we came in at an acceptable 4th overall and actually took line honours on the final race.  Happy days!

                              Sam on the down haul - Jon is doing foredeck                                     Taking line honours with Clover III close on our heels

Relaxing after a hard days racing with Frozen Margaritas before hitting village!                                                    Crew photo shoot

The parties ashore at the regatta village in Nanny Cay were good fun too.  Sail hard and party harder definitely seems to be the regatta motto!

The BVI for us is the place to meet people from the Sussex Yacht Club, our sailing club back in the UK.  Last year we bumped into David Moore and also Janey & Graham (Duchess).  This year was no exception.  I was checking out the results board and saw a very familiar face next to me.  It was only Dave Ramus.  Who says it's not a small world?!