Gouyave Fish Fest and the Grenada interior tour

Imagine Of Falmouth Online Log
Jon Constantine
Sat 29 Nov 2008 00:00
Friday 28th & Sat 29th November 2008

Well, we've finally decided to bite the bullet and do a couple of organised tours.  Ya have to really, don't ya!

The first was to Gouyave for the Friday Fish Festival.  Took about an hour to get there by maxi taxi but worth the journey.  A couple of the roads are closed off every Friday evening and stalls are set up with all types of fish and local delicacies to try out.  Jon and I had a great time wandering from stall to stall trying out the different foods on offer.  Later Dick from Cheetah II made the big mistake of showing us the free rum tasting stall.  Us? Drink?  Oh you've heard!  Having had our fill of fish we hit the many different types of rum from one of the local distilleries.  Nice.  The Blue Sky boys were there and we also met Peter from Keesje II for the first time with a couple of his friends who were staying on the boat.  We didn't meet his lady, Wendy as she was in the UK at the time but he assured us we'd meet her in Bequia.  A good evening but we had to catch the bus back to Prickly Bay at about 9pm just as the party was getting warmed up.  Or maybe it was just getting warmed up!  Bit of a shame really as it would have good to stay longer and enjoy the music and atmosphere.  Hey ho. I think next time we'll get our own taxi and share it with a few others who would be happy to stay a bit longer......

Actually, it probably was a good idea to leave reasonably early as we'd arranged for a tour of the interior starting early Saturday morning.  Wasn't sure about this but in the end it was well worth doing.  Here are the best of the pics:

                                       St George's                                                                               View from Carib's Leap

                                                                                       Leapers Hill Memorial

                                                                     What is it with boys and climbing trees?!!?

                                   A sailor's jig at the Concord Falls!                                                      Plantain

                                      Concord Falls                                                                                First Mate lagging behind

                                                                              The Gouyave Nutmeg processing plant

Who's nicked the wheels?  Oh, it's a boat not a car, parked in the street!         Wreck of an old Cuban plane left after the US invasion

                                                                                       Rivers Rum Distillery

Someone really has put empty egg shells on this plant - how bizarre!         Forgotten the name of the tree but the seed pods make good rattles

                                                                                     The local creepy crawlies

                                                                                   And finally....a monkey - so cute.