Christmas Eve in Falmouth Harbour and Nelson's Dockyard

Imagine Of Falmouth Online Log
Jon Constantine
Wed 24 Dec 2008 12:00
Christmas Eve

We spent a leisurely morning pottering on the boat and catching up on emails but late afternoon we decided to dinghy ashore and go for a walk across to neighbouring Falmouth Harbour to check out the super yachts.  There are a few here in English Harbour but we knew that The Maltese Falcon was moored there and we were just dying to see her.  We weren't disappointed.  She is huge (and we think still the biggest sailing yacht to be built so far but we could be wrong).  Not a classically beautiful looking boat but an amazing piece of engineering and  totally stunning to look at all the same.  Just awesome.  Here are some pictures although they don't really do the boat justice. I had to take pictures of the boat in parts as I couldn't get the whole thing into the frame.  I actually took a video in the end!

   The Stern                                                                                                           As much as I could get into the frame

                                                                                                               The middle mast

  Call this a fender!                                                                                                  Two of the 3 masts

On the walk back we had an early sundowner in the Galley Bar before heading back to the boat.  We were prepping a chicken stir fry for dinner on-board when Tim & Linda from Matsu (we met in the Saintes) popped over for a chat.  After a quick drink we all went ashore for the Christmas carols that we'd been told would be happening at around 6pm-ish.  Once ashore we were welcomed aboard s/y Off Line by Jake & Carol, who were moored on the dockside, for drinks while we waited for the entertainment to begin.  There, we caught up again with Peter & Wendy from s/y Keesje II and introduced for the first time to Dave & Donna from s/y Magic (although we had spoken briefly to Dave in Tortola at Easter) and Rick & Suze from s/y Allergic to Cities (we had seen their catamaran many times on our trip down the islands last season).  A great gathering indeed.  The carollers never did turn up so we did our bit to make up for it.  A great warm up for tomorrow's festivities........

Are you sure these are the lyrics to Silent Night? (Dave, Wendy, Jake & Carol)           Are we having fun yet?  Oh I think so (Peter & Jon)

  Hmmmm!   (Tim & Linda)                                                                                     Rick & Suze

 Yes, we really are leaving now! (Dave, Tim, Sam, Jon, Suze, Carol and Rick)          .....Soon anyway - Byee!  (Linda, Jon, Tim, Suze, Rick, Carol and Dave)