2 Days To The Off

Imagine Of Falmouth Online Log
Jon Constantine
Thu 15 Nov 2007 16:58
Ready for the off.  Just 2 days to go before we set off for Antigua.

Waiting For The Off

The last week has been a mixture of getting everything ready and meeting some of the other Rally participants.

We finally received the part we needed for the fridge from Waeco in Barcelona.  When it arrived it was completely different from the one we used to have and came without any instructions or wiring diagram.  A quick email to Waeco in England brought back a wiring diagram within an hour.  I fitted it as per the instructions and bingo, we have a working fridge so we should have cold beers en route!

All the other jobs on our list have now been completed bar filling up with water and fuel so we are as ready as we can be to leave on Saturday.  Oooh er!