Antigua - Post Christmas and New Year Pictures

Imagine Of Falmouth Online Log
Jon Constantine
Thu 1 Jan 2009 00:00
Fri 26th Dec 08 to Thurs 1st Jan 09

Well, that's Christmas over with.  Here are a few pics of the days up to and including New Year:

                                        Matsu                                                                                         Keesje II
Most of the Christmas gang are heading off now to spend New Year in other places.  Matsu decided to head to Jolly Harbour but Keesje II are staying put with us.  We're glad we stayed now as  we were entertained by the most amazing fireworks display a few nights before New Year's eve.  A huge motor yacht arrived in the anchorage from the dock at sunset which we thought was a bit odd, plus they were very close to the reef.  Minutes later the night sky was illuminated with colour.  It was amazing.  Talk about ringside seats.   The fireworks were launched from the shore below Shirley Heights so we couldn't have been much closer.  Stunning.  It was apparently for the yacht owner's son to celebrate his 8th birthday!          

     Montserrat still looking very active some 38 miles away                       Start of the New Years Eve race.  My money's on the big yacht!  

Wendy, Peter, Jon and Chris (a friend of my Mum's now living here)         ..and joined by a couple of Chris' friends who also live on the island  

                                                                                        Jon & Chris

                                       A great night.  HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone and here's to another great cruising year.