21 Nov - Day 5 Position at 16.37 hrs 24:08.6N 018:01.20W

Imagine Of Falmouth Online Log
Jon Constantine
Wed 21 Nov 2007 17:16
Day 5 - Moving on ... slowly.

After my blog report yesterday, we decided to tack and head south. The idea of New York in December didn't seem too appealing.

Once on the other tack it was much more comfortable and we had a pleasant night under the stars. The moon is up for about half the night and then disappears under the horizon at about 3am. Once it's gone it is almost pitch black.

We split the watches into 3 hour segments starting at 21.00 hrs.  Sam does the first 3 hours until midnight and I then do midnight to 03.00hrs. Sam then does 3 til 6 when I again come up to take over. We don't really run a fixed watch system in the day time but we both grab a siesta if we can in the afternoon.

Today the wind is still from the west but we are not making a bad course of about 220 degrees. The wind is still light but we are ghosting along at about 3 or 4 kts. We should reach the trade winds tomorrow as they move north towards us. Hooray!

During the night we could hear and see dolphins around us. Its a very distinctive sound as they break the surface and take a gulp of air before disappearing again.

This morning a large pod of about 15 of them arrived. They played under the bow and swam around us dipping and diving. Sam managed to get some pictures and you can see one of them below.

Day 5 Dolphins

Looks like the wind is going to die this evening.  Might have to motor, otherwise ........  this time next year Rodney...

Hope your enjoying the trip so far. You can send us emails (not too long and text only please) to imagine {CHANGE TO AT} mailasail {DOT} com

'Til tomorrow ...

Jon and Sam