Carriacou to Grenada (St George's)

Imagine Of Falmouth Online Log
Jon Constantine
Wed 2 Jul 2008 16:45
Weds 2nd July 08 to Thurs 3rd July 08

It took us just over 6 hours to get to St George's, our first stop in Grenada, just 31 nautical miles away.  A mellow, easy beam reach sail with no more than 12 knots of wind all the way. Happy Spirit left just after us but didn't catch up due to the light winds plus they were towing the Beneteau 210. We had the rod out all day and had a couple of bites but didn't catch anything. 

Are we there yet?                                                                      Look, no hands!

On arrival it took us several attempts to anchor as the holding was terrible - sand on broken coral and rock.  In the end I had to jump in and snorkel around to find a decent patch of sand to anchor in.  It took a while but we finally managed to get the anchor to bite in about 4 metres of water.  Wouldn't trust the holding in a blow but ok for now.  Happy Spirit anchored just next to us a little later on.  We had an attack of flying ants early evening.  Horrible.

View of St George's                                                               The Carenage, St George's

We woke up early on Thursday and listened to the Grenada net for the first time in full.  We could only hear the weather forecast when in Carriacou.  Seems very organised.  They have a net controller each morning, Monday to Saturday who manages the net starting at 7.30am. Firstly, the weather forecast is read out by a guy called Jonathan from one of the local chandleries, Island Water World.  The rest of the net includes any emergency, navigational and/or security announcements, new arrivals introducing themselves, people departing and saying their goodbyes, local businesses advertising tours, boatparts, boat services, restaurants etc, cruisers announcing any social events going on and then finally there is an item called 'Treasures of the Bilge'.  This is a kind of verbal Car Boot sale but for boat parts. After a quick snorkel (spotting a large 'school' of squid under the boat and a grazing Flying Gernard on the seabed) we went ashore.  We had a very good lunch in the Yacht  Club and later stocked up with provisions at the local supermarket.  We've had no luck with the internet as the signal is very poor.  Maybe we'll have better luck around the coast in Prickly Bay, where we are headed tomorrow.
                                                    Looking out to sea from St George's