Union Island to Carriacou (Hillsborough, Tyrell Bay)

Imagine Of Falmouth Online Log
Jon Constantine
Thu 26 Jun 2008 11:36
Thurs 26th June 08 to Tues 1st July 08

We woke up to sunshine this morning but it's still pretty windy (mid 20's) and left the anchorage at 9.45am under headsail only heading for Hilssborough, just 7 n miles away.  Seas are still a bit lumpy but not too bad.  On arrival we dropped the anchor and Jon dinghied ashore to get clearance while I prepared lunch. 

Beachfront at Hillsborough                                                                                 Another Peacehaven - can it really be?!  Jon going ashore in Hillsborough

We motored the last 4n miles to Tyrell Bay where we will base ourselves for the next few days, and dropped anchor on a weedy bottom but good holding. 
Still windy but good shelter here.  Water is pretty clear so took a few piccies while we were here and at last got a picture of a Flying Gurnard.  They are fabulous fish and the picture doesn't really do it justice but had to try!  Our prop is very weedy now and we've even acquired a temporary resident, a four-eyed butterfly fish...

The Flying Gurnard                                                                                              Our weedy prop is now home to a butterfly fish

We've been able to pick up wifi here although it's a bit flakey which seems to be the norm here in the Caribbean. 
We've spotted a few boats that we recognise from our journey down the island chain.  John & Andy (and bosun the cat) on s/y Happy Spirit, who we first met in the Saintes, are anchored just a few hundred yards away from us.  Had a quick catch up and arranged to meet up for drinks and pizza ashore tomorrow night. 

 Great view of Tyrell Bay                                                                                     Imagine next to the red ferry and  Happy Spirit on the far right of the pic

On Friday we woke early and listened to the Grenada Cruisers net on VHF68 for the weather forecast.  Nothing untoward on it's way to us yet.  We booked our flights online, back to the UK from Trinidad and then took the dingy ashore to explore the town. On the way we spotted a Flying Gurnard on the surface chasing a smaller fish.  Stunning.   Oh, to have had my camera handy.  It's hot hot hot, but still raining on and off  today and so later stopped in the Carriacou Yacht Club for a cold beer, and shelter from a small downfall, before heading back to the boat.  Had a great evening out with John and Andy.  Sundowners at Angels Rest, the floating bar, followed by yummy pizzas at the Lazy Turtle.  We had a very interesting 'copa de la casa' at the end of the meal too before heading into town to the Lambi Queen for music and drinks.  They had an all-girl pan band playing who were pretty good.  The biggest entertainment came while watching some very drunk locals and a South African guy dancing and stumbling all over the place but they became a right pain when they tried to make conversation with us.  Our cue to leave......

Slept in a little late on Saturday morning.  Not used to late nights anymore! 
Went ashore to get some fresh provisions and get the laundry done.  They've got a good book swap in the laundrette too so we've got a fresh supply.  Back on the boat and it's still raining on and off which is a pain as I can't keep the laundry out long enough to get it dry!  Spotted a small nurse shark (?) cruising around the anchorage.  Got a photo but does look a bit dubious but apparently it has been spotted several times around here.

   A Nurse Shark, perhaps!                                                                                          s/y Happy Spirit

Had a very chilled Sunday.  Gave the hull and prop a bit of a scrub - bye bye butterflyfish - and then went over to the Lazy Turtle to watch the Euro 2008 final between Sapin and Germany. Back to the boat and later John and Andy came over for sundowners and dinner.  Rain held off long enough for us to eat.  Another good night.

Monday morning and all is well.  Jon decided to treat the teak on the sugar scoop with a coat of Semco (a thin paint-like solution that protects teak without using oil or varnish).  Looks a bit orangey but hopefully it will fade in the sun.  I finally got hold of the password for a good stable, free internet connection and spent the day working.  Arranged to meet up with John and Andy for a walk later this afternoon when it's cooled down a bit.  Well worth the effort.  Stunning views from the top.  Unfortunately the battery in my camera ran out so I only got one picture.  Worse still, we came across an upturned Tortoise and we have no photo evidence of it.  He must have rolled down the side of the hill and landed on his back.  Luckily for him we arrived just at the right time to turn him over. After about 10 minutes of not doing a lot and with a bit of encouragement from us, he finally wandered off on his merry way, none the worse for his little accident.  A very bizarre encounter.  We ended the walk with a cold beer sitting on the beach, shooing away the mangey dogs, before heading back to our respective boats.

                                                                   View of the mangroves from just before 'Tortoise' hill

On our last day in Carriacou, Tuesday, we spent our time working on the internet.  Gotta make the most of free stable connections when they are available!  Jon's new keyboard has started playing up now with some of the keys sticking.  Doesn't help that it keeps getting rained on when the hatch isn't closed quickly enough!  

We had to start eating our dinner below decks this evening due to the rain but luckily it didn't last too long and we were able to finish off back up in the cockpit.  Bit of a relief as just too hot below when none of the hatches are open.

Next stop Grenada, our penultimate destination.......