Christmas and New Year's Eve 2007

Imagine Of Falmouth Online Log
Jon Constantine
Mon 31 Dec 2007 00:00
Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve.
We settled very quickly into life in the BVIs.  A week was plenty of time to acclimatise ready for the onslaught of Christmas away from Blighty.
Robin did us proud taking us along to all the pre Christmas parties he’d been invited to.  We met so many new people.  Everyone was so welcoming.
On Christmas Day, Robin had arranged his usual "Bubbly Pool Champagne Party" on his cat "Kuralu".  We left Soper's Hole at 10 am, for the short 
sail over to Jost Van Dyke, a nearby island where a natural rock inlet becomes a giant jacuzzi as the swell from the north pours in over the rocks
to fill the pool. The water then rushes back out to sea before the next swell repeats the whole process.  Standing up while this happens is not 
easy, doing it and not spilling your champagne is quite another especially as the day’s celebrations had already started with a Rum Punch or a Bloody Mary.
In the evening (after showers and a siesta) we were invited to Christmas dinner (along with Robin) chez Diane and Jim and a 
group of their very good friends in Carrot Bay. It was a brilliant evening.  Fabulous food and great company.  
A good time was had by all.
          Any minute now!                                                                      Boom!
                                                     Wave? What wave
New Year's Eve was another great occasion starting with dinner at Bananakeet Restaurant followed by dancing at the Jolly Roger Inn.
      Sam and Diane                                                              Jon and Robin

                                              HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL.