06 Dec - Day 20 Position at 16.00 hrs 18:50.3N 054:12.4W

Imagine Of Falmouth Online Log
Jon Constantine
Thu 6 Dec 2007 20:51
Day 20 Distance to Antigua 445 nm (nautical miles).

Distance covered since yesterday at 16.00 - 132 nm. Average speed over 24 hrs = 5.5 kts

As you can see, a much better day with 132 nm covered in the last 24 hours.

The wind slowly filled in yesterday evening allowing us to turn off the engine during the night (hooray!) and today we have been sailing again with the headsail poled out on one side and the main on the other. The GPS waypont off Antigua as finally started to read a figure other than 99 hrs 59 mins (max reading). We are now doing 6.5 kts, sometimes just over 7 kts and it is showing anything between 68 hrs and 75 hrs depending on the speed at that moment. The only problem is, that puts us there on Sunday evening and I really don't want to be finding our way into Jolly Harbour in the dark. With 3 days to go, anything might happen so we will press on. Worse case scenario is we will have to slow down to arrive at first light so we can then make our way round the island to Jolly Harbour.

You can find out more about Jolly Harbour at www.jollyharbourantigua.com

It will be a short blog today because it's already 4pm and has been a busy day. I don't know where it has gone but just one of those days that has slipped by.

We have decided to have a "no fish" day today so it's pasta tonight. Sam's Dad (Hi Alan) sent us some interesting information about dorada which I have reprinted below:

Dolphin fish (coryphaena hippurus).

Mahi-mahi is an exceptionally versatile fish, having firm, white meat and a delicate flavor. Broiled, poached, baked, sautéed, grilled, or pan-fried, mahi-mahi delivers a truly sensational taste. The National Fisheries Institute suggests that you try mahi-mahi as an appetizer. Cut the fish into squares, marinate them in lime juice, and broil them with garlic butter. As a main course, baked mahi-mahi served with a sweet-and-sour sauce is sure to win rave reviews from family and friends. Mahi-mahi is one of those fish that is wonderful just about any way you can think to prepare it -- from the simple to the complex, minimal ingredients to multiple ingredients, subtle to strong flavors. I love to use seafood in traditional meat and poultry dishes, and I know seafood tacos are not new, but made with mahi-mahi, they're great!

Thanks Alan. Mahi-mahi sounds so much more exotic than dorada.

Our friends on "Lowena" are now some 300 miles behind us but emailed us this morning to say they had seen 3 ARC boats passing them. Flying machines with spinnakers up. Must be the leaders. Will have to keep a good look out tonight. Don't want one of those up our back garden.

Phil has been curiously quiet today and disappeared into the forward cabin with a copy of "Banana Republics - A Monkey's Guide To Dictatorships" I also caught him playing with the GPS this afternoon. I wonder what he's up to? I might need to give him a spanking!!!

Well, time to upload. Mustn't keep you waiting. I've heard some people are leaving work early in order to read the blog.

Anyone tried the rice?