Leaving Miami

Thu 26 Apr 2012 14:19

25:43.269N 80:12.362W

Steak, chips, and red wine…..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz up at 6, engine checks etc and off to Miami. Great sailing again and  7 knots all the way. Lovely conditions.

Dropped anchor 8pm off Coconut Grove, as sun disappeared behind the Miami skyline, and quick change, jumped in Dinghy for a ride to shore. Quick look around and dinner at Scotties. Fried shrimp, fried conch, fried fish, fried salad, fried key lime pie. Dismal food and even more dismal service..returned knackered and full of red wine. Amazing skyline with all the buldings lit up in different colours. Promptly fell asleep on sofa after all the fried excitement.

Up at 0700, and after repairs to sail and engine checks off again. Slight engine problem, which I wont bore you with (voltage regulator frying batteries).

Beautiful morning to navigate through downtown Miami, which looked amazing at sunrise, and out passed the cruise ships to the ocean bound for Fort Lauderdale.