Made it. Guatemala

Mon 27 Jun 2011 22:00


15:40.512N 88:58.942W



98 degrees, 100% humidity and dripping. After a really beautiful trip up the jungle through the gorge (300ft vertical walls) We then sailed through the lake for about 5hrs. Johnny Weizmuller swang through these trees in the first tarzan movies, and it a pretty impressive place.


We arrived at Marios marina in Rio Dulce at lunchtime. Scruffy, funky little place with $1 drinks and friendly locals. The staff seem great and its ¼ of the price of our last marina in Roatan! Its even got a little pool and shop.


Tied up, and cleaning up. Good nights sleep at last, and heading to happy 50c drinks, with the heat and the drinks prices, its a dangerously convenient bar.


Have four days or so to clean and prepare the boat for leaving to Playa del Carmen. Boat will lie here for 2 monthsL so need to find a wy of it not becoming a mushroom farm inside with humidity.


Seb has a bad infection in his knee and we are headed up river by dinghy tomorrow to the clinic. Its looking really nasty and our 1st aid isn’t improving it L


Booked flights for Jason and I to UK to see my Dad for 5 weeks starting 17 July.


Bye for now.