PURA VIDA.... with photos

Wed 20 Oct 2010 11:21
As pictures can say much more than many words, we leave you to enjoy them while we get ready to leave tomorrow at dawn for Drake Bay. Yes, he was there in 15 or 16 something.  Guess the plaque will tell us.
We are late due to repairs, weather and waiting for a propane refill which thanks to Sols cousin we got door to door delivery on from a town many miles away.
Photos speak for themselves except for the fish processing plant which we were invited to tour as guests of Marisol's cousin who is a partner.
His input is to develop fish farming to replace wild fisheries in Central America.  The experience was interesting but absolutely shocking as we saw the butchery of amazing huge pelagic fish on a massive scale which brought home the fact that there wont be much left very soon.  This is one plant of hundreds worldwide that operates 24/ 7   365 days a year.  In one hour 20 grands worth of tuna passed through the door, not to mentione grouper, dorado, sword fish, marlin etc.
We really wish Marisol's cousin luck in his project to try to replace this slaughter with something more sustainable and he has worked long and hard for many years to make this work. 
It was great having a visit from family and Costa Rica is seriously beautiful if not entirely safe.
From National Parks to Canopy ziplines to mountains and beaches we have had a great time here and we now head south towards the border and the last town of Golfito.
Watermaker still bust, generator repaired and Francis Drake, here we go........
Till soon
Paul, Sol and the boys  
PROBLEM with the pictures sizes, will have to send them in a couuple of days when we arrive in Golfito!!