Up the Creek

Sun 26 Sep 2010 13:15

Stuck here awaiting passing of a monster tropical storm that covers most of central America.

Wave predictions are 5 meters, with winds 30K, so going nowhere again. We are almost at the Nicaraguan border in El Salvador (Heart of Darkness/dampness meets Apocolypse now country). We were trying to leave Friday for Costa Rica, but.......cancel that.

Very pretty area and completely deserted other then one mad American on a concrete yacht, and two madder Canadians on a wooden Trimaran who lost their propeller shaft nighttime to a snoozing turtle after we previously met them in Huatulco.

They had to dive offshore at night to lash the offending article to the boat (not fun) They are "awaiting repairs".

I didnt mention the Colombian hooker and the leaking steel boat, but they are welding in the dry dock, so dont count.

The Yacht club is a winter hang our for El Salvadors elite and illegal with private runway and helipad. Beautiful place, but its now been raining twenty four hours and forecast for the next eight days rain and more rain. We are also not short of flies, with a good allocation to each cabin of at least 20. At least they eat the mosquitos. Air con not working with Genset and water being rationed as we cannot produce our own in the mangrove waters.

We are in a massive river and mangrove network that goes for 50 miles of absolute nothingness. Very scary place to explore. We went an hour out, and saw no one, except a fish eagle.

Good place to be for the storm Wed/Thurs, as it is extremely well protected from the oustside mayhem.

Varying from damp to wet, to soaked, to mouldy......

The crew.