Puerto Madero and the Guatemala Border

Sun 19 Sep 2010 05:55

14:58.912N 92:48.452W
0100hrs, Calm, 3/4 moon, 6 knots of wind on the nose, and engines running, Can see village lights up in the mountains of Chiapas and 26 miles to Puerto Madero/Chiapas with the border a little further on.
Will be into Guatemala by tomorrow AM, the 1st time Cool Runnings has left Mexico!
1,650 miles so far, and 275 to go to El Salvador and Marina Barillas, our fuel stop. Long way to go, and so far conditions have been benign, unlike our last attempt!
Coffee and banana cake, all good :) No fish so far, bad :(
Sol and kids are living it up on a friends ranch in Guatemala, and seems the journey there wasnt too bad. They should be heading to El Salvador Monday to hopefully see us at the Marina there Tuesday.