South to Costa Rica Tomorrow!

Sun 3 Oct 2010 19:19
Leaving for Costa Rica tomorrow on the noon tide.
El Salvador, when the weather cleared was just beautiful, and the people were equally warm and kind. The poverty here is extreme, but these people would give you their shoes if they saw you struggling to walk, which actually happened in the little village of El Triumfo on the river. Sol was walking down the dirt track and the guy insisted she wear his shoes and they cycled the kids down the road for us, and washed them down when they got covered in mud as they always seem to manage.
We forgot to take some money on the river dinghy trip and the little bar in the village offered to feed us, and we could call back another day to pay them! Just delightful people who have nothing, but are so kind it restores your faith in people.
The salvador navy were equally welcoming and allowed us to tie up next to their one and only patrol boat pictured previously! The gun position had been converted into a makeshift Jacuzzi, funny ....
Our generator was finally fixed by the local mechanic who worked on it for two days relentlessly, and charged $40 for a great job. Pleasant surprises continue along this coast.
Fond farewell to El Salvador and the lovely Barrilas Yacht Club on the jungle river.
250 miles to next stop and Enrique or Mexican deckhand returns by Bus tonight to give us a hand with shifts. Will be in Costa Rica by Thurs at the Papagayo marina all being well.
P and the crew