Good morning.....

Sun 22 May 2011 13:12

11:24.484N 80:38.898W


It is 8.00 am on Sunday 22nd May......

Calm still, and in the middle of the ocean.  Good passage so far with a big school of dolphins at 3.00AM and then some engine problems at 4.00 AM loose V belt and badly blocked fuel filter due to some very dirty fuel from Panama.  Nothing nicer than a 4.00 AM bath in warm diesel.  We are now 125 NM from Providencia, should be there tomorrow morning providing we keep the same speed and engines holdout.


We had an amazing starry night until the big moon showed up to brighten the ocean as the sun does sometimes for the sunsets.  It was a really fab night.


Both slightly knackered and the boys are just getting up after an excellent 8 hours sleep. 


Til later..... J