Gatun Lake, anchored awaiting pilot, day 2

Sun 5 Dec 2010 14:34
09:15.633N 079:54.144W
Stunning day yesterday, all went smooth and we were tied alongside a 53 ft beautiful catamaran with a really good bunch of guys from Venezuela, whom we shared a few bottles of wine with at sunset as we anchored off the last locks ready for the morning descent into Colon. Pilot due around 10-11am.
Our line handlers did a great job, and also great bunch of people, and other than having to thrash the pants off the leaking and tired engines to try to keep up with the bigger boat, it was all good. Its a $450 fine/surcharge if you cant make the required speed and we were consistently 2 knots below it, but hopefuly the pilot has turned a blind eye!
Down to last 10 gals of fuel of of 180 we filled up with in Costa Rica, but should make it fine. Another beautiful morning, Howler monkeys in the trees and coffee/breakfast burritos have us all ready to go.......!!!