Quepos, central Costa Rica

Thu 21 Oct 2010 14:30

08:41.776N 083:39.800W
Drake Bay, Southern Costa Rica 0900. Last visited by the English pirate in 1679.
Arrived 4pm yesterday. Gorgeous anchorage. Middle of nowehere in the Osa peninsular, one of the remotest parts of the coast. River trip nearby is amazing. Its like a movie set with wild scarlet Macaws, alligators and steep rocky sides, with dense jungle, and wildlife all over. Vine draped suspension bridge sets off the scene.
generator has broke down again, whish is an issue for battery charging in this far flung outpost.
Great nights sleep and flat calm, with good holding in sand.
Weather report deteriorates tomorrow PM and goes to very bad saturday with 30k winds, so a 4.30am departure in order for the 12 hours to Golfito Bay.
Lots of great photos but the software that reduces size has decided to go wacky, so need to hold the photos till we have proper internet connection
Cheers, Paul and the crew...