Los Suenos Adios

Tue 12 Oct 2010 18:52
After being relieved of a months cruising budget in one day, we have bailed out of Los Suenos luxury, golf, spa 5 star madness. About 70 percent of boats there are worth over 1 million dollars and the marina has a good 170 boats in!
Re fuelled, re watered, bought superb croissants, coffee, and spent the night at anchor in the bay outside. Before we left, went shopping at the Deli for some English treats. Colemans mustard $16 for a little pot, and HP sauce a deal at just $12. Cheers, but we will pass.
The fridge was fixed, but more importantly the water maker was not, which presents a real problem, as the fresh water tanks are not huge on the Cat. There is a major parts order needed from the manufacturer in the USA to fix the problem and we need to think hard about whether to continue without, as once over the border, there is nothing for 300 miles and lack of water is not something to risk.
Headed now on 35 mile leg to the town of Quepos, and stomping along under sail at 7.5 knots for a change.
Will arrive around 2.30pm to anchor and check out the place. 1855 miles gone.
Still a lot of huge humpback whales, and passed a 45 footer with calf this AM about 50 meters off the bow. Awesome sight.
Paul and the Crew