1800hrs Yucatan Channel- Big Yellowfin!

Wed 18 Apr 2012 23:01

21:39.080N 86:23.161W

Very confused seas, and quite unpleasant (insert horrid) due to the current and uneven waves. Spain, Argentina, and Holland went down with a little seasickness during the afternoon, but things improved after some of Victors Onion Soup!

Gustavo successfully landed a 10kilo yellow fin tuna, which is now filleted into steaks in the fridge. Huge and delicious. A bloody affair that looked like a massacre had taken place on the back deck, and didn’t help the seasick issuesL

Wind dropped off now to 8k, and seas SLIGHTLY better. Boat performing fine. 259 nm to the Dry Tortugas. All good so far.

Love to everyone