In the Caribbean Sea

Mon 6 Dec 2010 14:08
09:22.077N 079:57.068W
Panama Canal DONE! Welcome to the Caribbean. We came through with the Venezuelan Cat and a great skipper, plus a 55ft yacht, with a not so great skipper, after a 5 hr delay. However a swim in the lake made it better.
Stunning weather but 22knots of wind made the process very interesting as we rafted three aside with other boats, with a huge tanker behind. More stressy by far than the day before, which was a breeze.
A very hairy moment yesterday as all three rafted yachts piroueted sideways in the Gatun lock, and pushed our stern into the wall due to a cock up by another yachts line handler. Missed damage by inches and fast work by our line handlers. Big Yacht in adjacent dock not so lucky, and suffered damage after hitting the walls.
Arrived 5.30pm yesterday at the marina tired and happy, with a not small sense of achievement. Thanks to our paid line handlers, and Greg and Jill our pressed crew, it all went great, and deep thanks to them.
Trying for some photos soon! Just no time....