Bahia Guacamaya...

Sat 9 Oct 2010 21:47
10:31.180N 085:47.529W
Good morning on saturday 09 October 2010
El Coco great little town lots of little bars and restaurants very clean and  well organized.  
Costa Rica is dubbed as the Switzerland of Central America although the semi naked g-string clad hookers at the bus stop will attest to the fact its got a little ways to go before we break out the leiderhausen
Clearing in was as complicated as was anticipated and took two days with a bit of running around. However, we saved between $400 and $800.00 in port agents and it was worth the effort.   Port Captan was the most ignorant we have come across and we made our sincere apologies for dragging him out to work at the crack of mid day.
Stayed last night in a beautiful cove and again sat in awe and watched 3 or 4 massive humpback whales relaxing on the surface with a calf, again no sign of man and a very restful night sleep.
06.45 AM on  Saturday heading south to Islas Tortugas National Park due to arrive sometime tomorrow.  Weather fantastic, seas calm....  paradise found!!! 
Paul and crew