Mon 23 May 2011 18:11

13:22.189N 81:22.434W


After 2 days and 2 nights at sea, pulled in at 0830 this morning.  Wonderful experience, glassy calm seas almost full moon, incredible stars and a dolphin show that Seaworld would have been proud of for one hour.


Providencia is a lovely quiet little island with almost no tourism and friendly helpful locals.  Clearing in was one of the most pleasurable such experiences with all the officials smiling, helpful and wanting you only to enjoy the island as supposed to stripped you naked, steal your boat and kidnapped your children which is usually the case.


Sitting here under a palm tree with a cold Colombian beer and 250 meters between us and the children stranded on the boat.  Live is good J


Need to catch up on sleep and rest up before the next leg, we are currently anchor in Santa Isable Harbour under the quaintly name “Morgans ASS” hill.  This is yet another center of plunder for Henry and his pirates which have left a legacy of English speaking rum loving locals.


More news to come later on.....

Paul and the crew