Oh Dear

Sun 29 May 2011 23:17

16:16.758N 84:11.814W


Weather windy and squally, and ran into a serious squall at around 2pm. We had a double reefed down mainsail, and were trucking along at 8+ knots, when from nowhere, the wind hiked up to 35-40 knots in an instant. Lots of things happened, including the deck rope clutch, which secures the reef in the sail down to the deck, (and keeps the sail down to about 70% of its normal area), being ripped off completely, and the Jib sail luff ripping.


Took a while to get the sail down and get everything under control. Its too windy and too unsettled to risk putting the main up beyond a second reef, so we are running at 6 knots downwind under small jib alone, with 6-10ft following seas. Bummer re the damage and will of course be a bit of a nightmare to find anyone that can fix sails in Roatan!


Due to slowing up, ETA in Roatan is now 6pm tomorrow, so long trip still ahead.


How much further Dad?


P and the crew, somewhere off the Honduran coast