Tied to the dock....

Sat 10 Jul 2010 05:54
Hello All,
Arrived Wednesday noonish in La Cruz,  after 78 hour jaunt, very little sleep but good sailing conditions most of the way and all safe and sound.
Chava our Mexican "Captain" (note the judicious use of inverted comas) left us the following morning as he had to answer bail in La Paz.  Joking apart aside from his awful sense of direction he was actually a really good guy and a pleasure to have onboard.  He also managed to land more fish in 72 hours than we have done in the last 3 years and the boys chatted all day to him about fishing.
La Cruz marina is absolutely superb to the point of fresh flowers in the toilets every morning all for $18.00 a night!!! The boys drive around the Marina in the dinghy all day fishing or bringing a constant stream of dead fish from the nearby fish market to use as bait or trying to persuade us to cook it for them!!!  They constantly deliver various wildlife to the boat including puffer fish and "sea horses".  
We have been resting, reorganising, fixing some broken stuff which includes a partial computer failure, which unfortunately resulted in us not being able to update our position until now.  Our big thanks to Fernando who worked through the night back in Playa to fix the problem. 
La Cruz is a good 40 minutes out of Pto. Vallarta and it is a very nice frendly and clean fishing village, but we are yet to see much of Pto. Vallarta.  Plan is to check it out next couple of days and then prepare to head south again after fixing GPS, batteries, shackles, transmission cable, air conditioning, sail cover and let's not forget Sol taking out the toilet seat as the cat fell off a wave on our first rough night.  Apart from that not much to do really...
Thanks for all your thoughts, calls, support and emails....
Captain Blye