0300 Key West

Sun 22 Apr 2012 07:26

24:33.805N 81:48.025W

Made it. No space in Marina, anchorage is carnage with the wind, so tied up to a fuel dock after riding round for two hours, and getting bashed against that too! 20hrs of crap and Victor still rustles up a great meal at 0300!

A very long hard day for all, and some nasty, nasty stuff out there. Waterspouts, 30K + and big seas. Glad to be here doesn’t cover it J  At times it seemed we wouldn’t get here and we are all relieved. The boat took a battering and came through it fine (well ,till Julian fell through the canvas roof after we arrived). Anybody know a good canvas repair shop?

No doubt will get a bollocking at 0700 for being here, but ……it will do.

Love to all…..