Plan B

Fri 5 Feb 2010 00:00
12 January 2010 | UK
Our plan to arrive and pickup our new Catamaran by Dec 18 hit a few snags. My Dad had a stroke in the UK, Marisols Mum had a cancer scare, and our very special Boxer, Kimba, died of a heart attack at just 10 years old. All plans were scrapped as we headed to a very cold and snowbound UK to take care of my Dad, leaving the boat with our friend Tim Nicol. Tim fell ill shortly after, and was diagnosed with Throat Cancer, dying tragically on New Years eve in the hospital at Hermosillo. My Dad has partially recovered, we are back in Mexico, and the first leg of the trip from san Carlos to La Paz is planned for next week. Guess the moral is that non us know whats around the corner, and we need to appreciate those around us while we have them with us. Good start for a Country & Western song.....