Isla Cebaco, scurvy setting in.

Fri 12 Nov 2010 18:02

07:34.794N 81:03.785W

A crisis looms in relation to food and water. The generator and watermaker have chosen to quit in the remotest area of the whole trip, and so far we have been unable to find water, drinking or otherwise. Ive also no milk for me tea! A deep and troubling development.

We anchored off Isla Gobernadora last night and the fishing village had a "store". Excited we made our way with money to the establishment accross the rocky beach. We found coke, beer, onions, and razors, a heady mix, but not something we could work with. When asked about water, the owner said we could have plenty beer but water was not on the stock list.

We have 1/4 tank left and about half our drinking water supplies left. We have run out of milk, beer, wine, fruit, sodas and the only thing we have in abundance is Dorado steaks to feed a small army.

We just arrived at 12pm Friday to Isla Cebaco after a short sail accross the bay to what is decribed as a village. No evidence so far other than some thatched huts, but we really need to find some WATER!

We have 3 days to get around Punta Mala which in Spanish means bad point, maybe some clue in the title. However bad weather maybe on the way, so we may have to sit it out until it clears in 4 days or so. Once around Punta Mala, its a straight run to Isla Perlas, and then into Balboa. So near, yet so far.

Love, the crew...