Tackling the Tehuantapec

Sat 28 Aug 2010 15:56
Finished changing oil and fuel filters, and created a BP sized slick in the engine room and all over me (keeps the dandruff at bay though). I understand there a people that actually enjoy being stuck in small spaces covered in oil, but Im not amongst them!
Cleared with the authorities yesterday (very painless) and planning departure afternoon today headed to Puerto Madero on the border. Will be at sea 40+ hrs so, and from there, Guatemala and El Salvador.
This is possibly the longest hardest run we have done, and may be the most difficult we will do in the two years cruise, so all a little anxious.
Had a wonderful stay in Huatulco, great place, people, and friends, and the boys became a bit of a hit in the marina. Had a farewell last night with Pizza and Wine, and we will post position reports at least once every 24hrs. A slightly sad farewell to Huatulco and thank you Chris, Gerry, & Jan (and Goof) for making our stay so special, both to us and the boys.
here goes....
Update 2pm.....actually not...
Forecast now up to 20 knots North in the night, which can easily go higher in the Tehuantapec, which would make for a choppy night, so we are delaying till tomorrow AM.
Now 10am and exiting the marina, with a fond farewell and Seb in tears........next stop Monday, Guatamala border.