08.20 Oh how things change!

Sat 21 Apr 2012 13:33

24:38.846N 82:44.774W

As forecast, weather has changed, and Oh how much. 0200 hit with 26k wind in the anchorage. Forked lightning and ear splitting thunder all night along with squalls and torrential rain. Anchor held fast, made a decision to leave at 0600 in poor visibility and lightning due to fact forecast deteriorates next two days and we would be stuck there 2-3 days. Besides we finished all the red wine.

Seas 5ft and wind on nose, 11 hours to Key West at this speed. Still bad visibility and very crap weather/rain/lightning. Caught a fish though, so not all bad!  Had some sleep last night and it was calm considering what was going outside. No report now till Key West as it’s a bit uncomfortable. Will post report before 2100 local.  Love to all.