Fri 27 May 2011 12:57

13:29.428N 81:25.023W




An absolutely wonderful place, this tiny island in the middle of nowhere belongs to Colombia, there is absolutely zero crime and the island is immaculately clean.  The locals are super friendly and the anchorage is glassy calm with only one other yacht apart from our friend Dennis sharing the big harbour.  Three or four local stores and a bakery take care of anything you need and we rented a golf buggy to tour around the island which took half a day.


We stumbled across a tiny beach bar and as we ordered a drink both us and the bar tender recognized each other.  It was a waiter who used to work on the Norway with us about 16 years ago and the chances or running into someone we know on this tiny island must have been a million to one.


Providencia was head quarters for Henry Morgan and his pirates for a few years and almost everyone is called Archibold, Jackson or Bush.  It also has the most pleasant and easiest clearances process we have come across to date.  The officials meet you at the dinghy dock in the morning at 9.00 am and bring your paperwork to you all done at 6.00 PM with a smile.  How refreshing !!?


Now on 187 miles leg to Vivorillo (Honduras) where we plan to have a little sleep before continuing on another 160 miles to Roatan.  Vivorillos is basically a lump of coral in the middle of the ocean of the north east tip of Honduras and has a very bad reputation in relation to the locals who’s main source of income seems to be drugs and robbery.


Wind for once is perfect and after another wrestling match yesterday with fuel filters ripped sails and a V belt that refuses to tighten we are now bobbing along at 7 knots in the right direction.


We will post some photos when we get to Roatan.  

Till soon......

Paul and the crew