still here....

Tue 10 Aug 2010 08:17
16:06.671N 98:35.790W
Paul is really on his last legs......  and still quiet a long way to get "somewhere"  or to the daytime at least :(   It is now 3:30 AM on Tuesday 10 th August.
Choppy, horrible, rain rain and MORE rain with quiet strong winds!!  About two hours ago..... we had a little of "stressy moment" Had to dropp the main FAST!  TRY to get the boat into the wind......  mmmm that was a chalenge!!  I can not even do that in the day time !!!  NEVER MIND in the middle of the night without mooooon!! 
As you can imagine much better now otherwise I wont be here :)   Just finish some work trying to keep our skipper company!!!!!! or try to send him for some sleep but I guess he couldn't really sleep or rest with this movement!!
Boys fast asleep FORTUNATELY!!!  :)
Will update you tomorrow :)