Mon 27 Jun 2011 04:15

15:49.308N 88:44.955W


After a reasonable uneventful trip from Utila we arrived at 07.30 AM in Livingston having crossed the bar of the famous Rio Dulce.


Contrary to Roatan, clearance was lengthy, complicated and expensive.  $180 versus $2.00 in Honduras and about 3 hours between going through 4 offices and 5 officials traipsing shitty boots all over the boat.


The one ATM machine in town was broken and also attempted a snatch and grab on the visa card.  We were all exhausted after a no sleep session not helped by anchoring next to the Utilas loudest a most awful karaoke bar on a Friday night as we left, it closed.  Exciting day tomorrow going up the famous Rio Dulce where the original Tarzan film were filmed for about 20 plus miles.


Big lightning displays tonight and heavy rain.  Glad we are in and not out J


By for now