On the Road

Fri 17 Sep 2010 16:24
15:48.436N 095:48.430W
Early start and poor Sol and kids were evicted at 06.30 in pitch dark, after Sol was up most of the night packing and organizing. A dark rainy and damp dock! Again Chris and Gerry to the rescue with warm dry haven for the evicted familly. Can never thank them enough for all their help and friendship over the past weeks. Sincerely hope we meet again further south.
Wish in a way Sol and kids were with us, and in other way its far less worry if the weather does rough up.
Left at 07.20 headed for Salina Cruz again! Tehuantapec fun and games, take 2.
Have an Aussie Doctor called Rob, and Mexican Marinero called Enrique onboard. Weather good so far, no wind and motors. Making 6.5 knots.
IF all goes well, we will make El Salvador Monday PM. Marina there requires pilot boat to get in over the shoals and sandbars at the river entrance. Only available 7am-5pm, so may have to "stand off"
Beautiful scenery, with clouds hanging onto the mountains like a Japanese painting. So far, so good.